Commercial/office cleaning

Every office gets clean with a customized service, and a top professional team. From filling rooms, to every staff dest and meeting area will be carefully cleaned and guaranteed delicate treatment to your business. 

House Cleaning & Maid service

The cleaning will be taken care from top to bottom, dusting airband, sealing fans, down to the baseboards. All rooms get organized, and we even make the bed or change the sheets if needed. The bathrooms get sanitize and scrub and same approach in kitchen. The maids are professionally trained and the products used are worry-free.  KEEP IN MIND 100% PET FRIENDLY!!!!!


As a business let us make it fast and easy to deliver any project on time and with the top quality. Your customer, homeowner, and or contractor will be happy with the final outcome of the project.  The important details will be carefully review by our outstanding team. 


The cleaning team will have the home move-in ready for you to settle into your knew place or move out without a worry, all cabinets, shelves, baseboards get wiped and disinfected. Every area in the home gets clean and ready for the day you return the keys or get ready to start at your new place.